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When Healthy Choices Save More Lives than Your Own

Have you ever made a lifestyle choice that greatly impacted you or someone else?  

My husband, Jim and I have. Here is our story.

Picture this… you and your significant other are hiking along a narrow cliffside path in majestic Hawaii, admiring the remarkable ocean view. Next thing you know, a woman who was walking in front of you slips over the edge of the cliff, clinging for dear life to branches along the side!

Sounds like a scene from a summer thriller, right? Think again! This actually happened to me and Jim during our family vacation to Hawaii this past February. Do not fret, this story has a happy ending. ThanTrail sign 2ks to some quick thinking plus a lot of strength (mostly from Jim) we grabbed the woman’s hands and pulled her to safety.

If this predicament presented itself only a few months before our Hawaii trip, it may not have had such a positive ending. Why? Because it was before our commitment to get lean. Logging thousands of steps on the pedometer, biking many miles and making a conscious effort to eat better all helped Jim drop 20 pounds in the latter part of 2014. It is because of his commitment to his health that (I believe) helped him be more agile and strong enough to pull the Hawaiian hiker to safety, despite gravity being a resisting force.Nepali sign 3

Each day you or the clients you serve make choices that could make a large impact on others’ lives. In this case, Jim chose to be diligent and take better care of himself. His choice happened to help this woman be able to enjoy many more walks along the ocean.


Please share how a change you made has impacted you or those around you.

JRC and Jim with those from hike 2

Jean (in pink) and Jim (with binoculars) with the Hannie (woman rescued) and her husband, Paul, from the Netherlands.



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