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How One Dietitian Plans to Change the World!

It is 2015 and I plan to help change the world! As a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN), changing the world starts with joining agriculture and nutrition education at the hip and connecting dietitians with farmers.

We are at a unique point in time where the world is changing in some really profound ways. Today, major transformations in nutrition, health and sustainability are taking place simultaneously. In fact, they are converging in a way that means the future of food and even how we think and talk about food will change dramatically.

I had a chance to talk to hundreds of dietitians last year and found that many of their clients want to know more about the origin of food and how it is made. People are asking questions about everything from locally-grown to the carbon footprint of food, or about topics like sustainability and organic foods. The bottom line, the public is bringing to the table a new set of values and questions about food. Whatever the setting, these changes are profoundly impacting ALL of US and all of food.

As dietitians, this is our time to share our knowledge and keep learning about how we feed people nutritiously and sustainably, and I’m thrilled to help lead the conversation. With over 30 years dedicated to nutrition, health and wellness, one might say my career has literally been farm to fork, including work in agencies, agriculture, associations, companies and healthcare. Currently, I am working with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation on connecting agriculture and nutrition education. I believe for those of us who  provides science-based guidance to people demanding healthy, affordable and sustainable food choices.

This year as we continue to broaden our food conversation to include more about what is happening on the farm, join me on this journey. Learn with me as I share my stories about bringing together agriculture and nutrition education and partnering dietitians with farmers.

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