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My Lean Green 2015

Today is the day, another birthday and it’s time to look at my personal goals. I want to make sure I’m keeping “the main thing the main thing.”

Faith, family and fitness still remain my top priorities. This year I have a new twist. I am going on a journey to get the family leaner and greener. Together, my husband Jim and I have six kids-all of them in their 20s. One child, Joanne lives at home and is on board for this adventure and some of the others plan to join us on our journey.

Being environmentally conscious and healthier is important to everyone and when we bring the topic up it really gets a conversation going.

We have begun the journey and learned a lot already. Small steps can make a big difference. Just like any lifestyle change, it is going to take time, we need to start slowly and encourage and support the positive changes and victories. This is a marathon not a sprint.

Leaner will start with the pedometers. We already are striving for 10,000 steps a day-10k/day. Jim, Joanne and I have been doing it for a few months now, Joanne got me started in an effort to get me moving more —now she’s created a monster. I’ve bought pedometers for many of the kids and am encouraging them to log their hours on an app so we can encourage each other. My son is going far beyond that and plans to run an Ironman triathalon in August. Go Steve, go.

Joanne trained me on the Fitness Pal app so I can journal my food, water and fitness time.

Next is Greener. For me that means using reusable water containers, reusable shopping bags and taking leftovers for lunch. We will be decreasing the amount of food waste in our home through meal planning, decreasing portion sizes and using smaller plates. We will grocery shop differently (less trips to Costco) and better use the food that we have. When we eat out we will seek out restaurants that are doing their part by supporting local farmers, healthier menu items or promoting how they help the environment.

That is the beginning. We have more changes planned. Everybody seems excited to do this. Stay tuned more to come.

For further inspiration on this topic read the helpful post by fellow dietitian Kim Kirchherr, MS, RDN, LDN, CDE.

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