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Making Your Own Ice Cream (It’s Easier Than You Think)

Summer is in full swing. What better way to enjoy a hot July day than with ice cream, especially since it is National Ice Cream Month. I have many fond memories of enjoying this creamy treat as a kid at Peterson’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Shop in Oak Park, IL. Recently, my daughter, Joanne, made Avocado Lemon Ice Cream, which turned into a fun family experience.

This summer, your clients/patients may also want to indulge and make their own ice cream at home. Here are some surefire tips they can keep in mind to help build happy family memories creating their own delectable ice cream treats.

1. Cook the egg base. Many ice cream recipes include eggs. Be sure to cook the egg base (milk, eggs and sugar) until it reaches 160⁰ F. A proper cool down is needed before adding in the other ingredients and freezing.

2. Go eggless. Don’t want the challenge of cooking the eggs? Try an eggless ice cream recipe. This tasty vanilla frozen custard ice cream is sure to be a hit.

3. Fun with flavors. Think beyond thirty-one flavors. The fun of making your own ice cream is that you can get creative and invent many options. Keep these pointers in mind as you test out different flavors.

  • Want a fruity ice cream treat? Select fresh and ripe fruits for the best flavor results.
  • Craving a vanilla or almond flavored ice cream? For the best flavor, wait until after the ice cream has cooled, but before churning, to add in the extracts.
  • Want to add chocolate chips, nuts or other tasty extras? Wait to add these until the last moments of churning to ensure they will be evenly distributed.

4. Lighten it up. Calories a concern? Suggest your clients use low or nonfat milk for part or all of the milk in the recipe. This simple swap will help lower the calories, but will still provide all the same nutrients as whole milk.

Be confident now in knowing that you can continue making those fun family memories around ice cream sundaes and cones. This July, remember…life is like ice cream, enjoy it before it melts.

What memories do you have of eating or making ice cream?

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