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10 Ways RDNs Improve Health

I’m proud to have been working as a dietitian for over 30 years now, which has allowed me to do many of the things noted in this article!

My experiences have spanned the food chain, literally from farm to fork. I started my career as an outpatient dietitian, worked at the Chicago Heart Association in public health, and worked for a variety of food companies doing public relations. For over 20 years now, I have been working for dairy farm families across the nation. I am incredibly lucky to have had these experience. How many professionals have the opportunity to make a difference and apply our skills in so many different settings?  The beauty is that we are limited only by our own imagination12122741_639988156141112_5167611755764032954_n

As Registered Dietitians, our training prepares us to educate the public on how to make better food choices. We take into consideration where our clients are on their health and wellness journey to be able to make the most of their experience with us. With our strong education in nutritional science, behavioral science and our critical thinking skills, we are able to help people improve their lives in many different settings.


I always enjoy sharing my career story with students in dietetic programs. In fact,  I recently spoke with students and professionals at Dominican University, as well as University of Illinois at Chicago. It is incredible to me how many great dietetic programs there are in schools across the country. The students have chosen a great profession!


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